Top Tanning Tips and Tricks

So Summer is pretty much here. However for me equal to the joy of impending sunshine and heat, is my dread of getting my unprepared pale, pasty limbs out!

Here i will recommend my current favourite products to use and how!


If you are wanting to fake tan for an event, its best to exfoliate 1 or 2 days before you wish to fake tan. Otherwise the tan will cling to these dry patches. my personal favourite exfoliating glove is the Soap and Glory ones.


On the day you plan to tan i would recommend the day before the event you want to make sure your skin is as clean and fresh as possible. My personal opinion is to tan after you have had a shower or bath. On the other hand if you know some areas of your skin is dry apply little moisturiser, these areas could knees, elbows and ankles, do this before tanning.

I have tried many different types of tanning products, including gradual tan, lotions, spray tans and mousses.

Having had success and failure with all above, i have found a current product that ticks all the boxes for me. This Fake Tan is a great colour and easy to apply, it also blends easily and wears beautifully.

my current favourite is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Spray Lotion.

I tend to always tan from my legs upwards, to get the largest areas of my body covered first. I will generally tan my legs then go back and blend in my ankles and feet, using either a very small amount of product or what’s left on the mitt to buff in around the ankle and tops of the feet.


For the face i would suggest using a fresh tanning mitt and applying a little moisturiser first to the face before applying the tan.

please comment your favourite tanning products i would love to try different products out!



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