Bath Time Essentials

Whatever the problem, a steaming bubble bath filled to the brim can fix 99% of your problems, most of the time.



When i go for a bath, I like to have a razor and a foot file. I Like to have these items near me for when i get out of the bath. I feel refreshed after using these items after a long relaxing bath.


As well as having bubbles. I like to have shower gel with me too, this is because shower gel makes you smell nicer for longer. The Body Shop’s Strawberry and Coconut Shower Gel have the best scent.



A must have for when i get out of the bath. My Favourite moisturiser right now is The Body Shop’s COCONUT BODY BUTTER.



What is a bath without a luxury face mask. I would recommended  this mas! it works well if you have bad spots or blackheads. Temple Spa Face Mask


So, They are the ingredients to the perfect bath. What do you like for bath time?






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