5 Tips on Relaxing After A Long Day

As soon as i get home, all i want to do is kick my feet up and relax! Before i went on maternity leave, i would normally bring stress home with me either through work or college. I’d never give any time to myself and became unhappy and so stressed out all the time. So I’ve decided to put together my Top Tips for relaxing after your long day, in hope that it will help some of you like it has with me.

Candles- Candles instantly relaxes me, it makes my home, more homely, which reduces my stress levels.


Books – Reading a book in bed, can literally send you off to sleep.

‘YOU’ Time- i like to spend about an hour or so everyday catching up on blog posts or beauty videos. This is what i enjoy, but make it about what you enjoy!

Pampering – i always feel so much better about myself if i have done abit of pampering. This can be anything from painting your nails, face mask. fake tan or a facial.

blog sunday pampering routine.jpg

Please comment your tips about relaxing after your long day!


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