My Summer Fragrences

So today has been really lovely, sunny day and a great way to start off June. I thought i would do a quick post on the three perfumes i have been liking the most these past few weeks. My first perfume is an oldy but a goody called Locoste Touch Of Pink , i think it is actually the first perfume i ever got! it is a strong scent that is not over powering. I don’t wear this perfume very often but whenever i do, i always get loads of complements. I feel that everyone must have had a Victoria Secret Body Mist one time or another, i used this body mist everyday and i really love it. It is very sweet smell so you can not over do it or it is way too over powering just a few sprays makes a really nice refreshing fragrance that i love. Lady One Million i got for Christmas last year and i really love it! it is such a refreshing scent that makes everything fresher and lighter.


What are your Summer Fragrances please share below 🙂



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