Current Wardrobe Staples!

Wardrobe Staples

13414635_260537667670470_707163793_nI would like to stick to my casual items, as i always keep things pretty casual. i love sneakers and long tops and most of all jeans (jeggings due to being pregnant) but i always try to spice them up with accessories.

Top- I’m almost wearing along t-shirt when i’m hanging around. i love wearing long cardigans like this one from Zara over the top of a plain black vest.

Bottoms- i almost always in jeans or jeggings and thankfully i found a pair of jeans that fit perfectly under my bump from New Look. i love to pair my jeans with some sneakers like these blue Classic Adidas Glazelles.

Extras- My Chunky Micheal Kors watch looks badass with my bracelets. Of course, i have to include my current favourite Ray-Ban!!! They are a vintage shape that bring out my check bones and my jaw line.13382207_260537591003811_1896580332_n.jpg


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