Oh Sundays!




There are two types of Sundays.Adventure Sunday and Lazy Sundays. We have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this typical day. the excitement when the weekends are here and then, only you realise that it’s Monday again. There’s only a handful of things that sounds appealing!


Sunny Sundays
TIME TO YOURSELF! Having a little you time wouldn’t hurt. Putting yourself first before anyone else might just be what you need. Use this precious Sunday to do what you LIKE! Pamper yourself, have a bubbly bath, get lost into a new book and just relax.

RELAX YOUR MIND AND SOUL! Make time to do what makes you happy. Treat yourself to a face mask, change your bedding, go for a long walk and detach social media for the day. Be a QUEEN! Do what you enjoy.

Bath, Wash and Soak!!
SLOW DOWN! Remember it is YOUR Day! Lounge around in your favourite Sleepwear and just breathe for the day.



2 thoughts on “Oh Sundays!

  1. So often it isn’t my day at all, but a day spent cooking the family lunch, washing and ironing because my son’s home 😦 😦 But then… I get some week days off 🙂 I love your Sunday well spent graphic. Many thanks for the follow.

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